About Us

About Us

Spices and aromatic dishes are a part of Indian heritage. Every region and every state have developed their own cuisines which impart different flavor to the Indian food. These spices when blended together are called Masala, and this word has become synonymous with Indian Cuisine globally.

BON Masala & Food products one of the foremost pioneering brand of Mangalorean origin started in the year 1986 and has been led By Mr. Joseph Dsilva who is a very passionate cook and has impeccable taste buds. The ingredients used in the Masalas are of highest quality in terms of texture and aroma being supplied by chosen suppliers within India. Since the ingredients are procured directly from producers there is a constant quality in our products.

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Our Philosophy

Food is a healer by nature. The body is entitled to good nutrition and for that an individual has to savour the food, which in turn heals a person from within. And that’s what we at BON Masala & Food products strive hard to achieve.

In olden days women would have to select, weigh and grind the spices to make the dishes and this was a time consuming process, but now with a wide range of masalas on the shelf cooking has become very feasible and an easy chore. Our Masalas are made with the same intention to make cooking easy and tasty. All our products are tested for flavor with regular blind tests and continuous assesements based on customer feedbacks